Building the Bridge Between Academics and Career Goals:

How Awato and Xello have teamed up to help link the Drive to 65 mandate with college exploration and planning

Matt Guruge, CEO and Co-founder of Awato, and Matt McQuillen, CEO and Co-founder of Xello, discuss how Awato and Xello partnered to improve the connection between career exploration, academic pathways, and post-secondary education planning for NH educators and students.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • The platform improvements made in Awato based on feedback from NH educators
  • The interconnectedness of career pathways and the college application process
  • How the Awato and Xello partnership will further address the goals of the Drive to 65 Act and empower counselors by giving them a single resource for all of the college and career readiness tools and data that they need

Event details:

Recorded on Thursday, May 6th at 11 am

Meet Your College and Career Planning Experts

Matt Guruge | Awato

Matt Guruge is the co-founder and CEO of Awato. During his 4 year tenure at the company, he has developed a deep understanding of student-driven career exploration and career pathing. He specializes in working with K-12 stakeholders to ensure every student finds their path.


Matt McQuillen | Xello

Matt McQuillen is the co-founder and CEO of Xello, the makers of an engaging online program to help K-12 students plan for college, career, and future success. One of the first SaaS companies in EdTech, Xello was founded in 1997 after Matt and his friends graduated University and found themselves wondering, “What’s next?” They weren’t alone. Friends and peers also struggled with this seemingly easy question. The problem was clear. Students needed a better way to learn about and prepare for the working world. So Matt and his friends set out to build the best possible online experience to do so. Today Xello supports thousands of districts across North America and its programs have helped millions of students become future-ready.