Awato Powered by Xello

Everything you need to know about Xello's acquisition of Awato

We are excited to announce that Awato has been acquired by Xello, the award-winning K-12 college, career, and future-readiness program. 

We realize that, as a loyal Awato customer, you may be left with some questions. That’s why we recorded an informational webinar that you can watch on-demand. We’ve also put together FAQs at the bottom of this page to answer any immediate questions that you may have. 

If you have questions specific to your account, please reach out to us at

Informational Webinar

Awato's Path Forward

How Xello’s acquisition of Awato will help inspire more students to better education and career outcomes

Matt Guruge, CEO and Co-founder of Awato, and Matt McQuillen, CEO and Co-founder of Xello, discuss why Xello has acquired Awato and how this acquisition will build on a partnership that is helping accelerate Awato’s mission and strengthen its service.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • The events that lead up to Xello acquiring Awato
  • The benefits of the acquisition for your students and school
  • The post-acquisition vision for Awato and Xello

Event details:

Recorded on Thursday, September 2nd

Acquisition FAQs

Xello is an online K-12 college, career and future readiness program that helps students achieve a deeper understanding of themselves, explore pathways, and plan for the future. Using Xello’s discovery-based model, students build knowledge, essential real-world skills, and individual confidence to prepare for the rapidly evolving world of post-secondary academics and career environment. More than nine million students and educators today leverage Xello tools to transform aspirations into action. To learn more about Xello and its proprietary Work-Based Learning Module, visit:

Awato and Xello teamed up to ensure every student has a plan for a successful future. Both teams had a similar founding story and a similar mission. Together, we know we can create better outcomes for students by creating the most engaging career and college experiences.

Awato will continue as an independent entity supporting and enhancing the current Awato product. The acquisition enables Awato to have more resources to continue to build exceptional experiences for students.

Additionally, this acquisition will allow Awato and Xello to collaborate on better tools to connect secondary students to higher education opportunities.

Yes. Awato will now be referred to as “Awato Powered by Xello”. This change will be reflected in our logo and the branding on our website, social media, platform, and any other location the Awato logo has appeared.

This acquisition will enable Awato to supercharge our product roadmap. We’ll be growing our team to better serve your students with more product enhancements and more personalized support.

As of now, Awato and Xello will be integrated products. 

Interested in learning more about how you can access both platforms? Reach out to Matt Guruge, Director of New England Sales and Higher Ed. Partnerships, at, to learn how you can bring Awato and Xello to your school.

Your Awato functionality will not change as a result of the acquisition.

There is no timeline to integrate Awato and Xello into a single platform just yet. Both teams are committed to making a gradual and seamless integration to ensure that our customers do not experience any issues.

No. Awato and Xello have committed the resources necessary to give our customers a disruption-free experience while the integration takes place.

No. Your core support team will remain intact. There will be access to additional support during the integration if needed. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the Awato support team at

No. The price to access the awato platform will not change for current customers. We are committed to honoring the contracts that are already in place.

Interested in learning more about how you can access both platforms? Reach out to Matt Guruge, Director of New England Sales and Higher Ed. Partnerships, at, to learn how you can bring Awato and Xello to your school.

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