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Meeting the Needs of the Drive to 65 Act with the NH DOE


On February 4th, 2021, Awato’s Matt Guruge hosted a webinar with New Hampshire Department of Education’s Eric Frauwirth, Ed.D. Creating Accessible K-12 Pathways to Credentials gave Matt and Eric a chance to share the story about how Awato and the NH DOE partnered to give each middle and high school student in NH a pathway to a credential.

What is the Career Readiness Drive to 65 Act?

The Career Readiness Drive to 65 Act states that starting in September 2020, school districts shall, for entering high school freshman:

  • Assess student career interests
  • Advise all entering high school students how to achieve a career-ready credential upon graduation
  • Document school pathways to career readiness credentials
  • Record on a student’s transcript progress towards the credential

How did the NH Department of Education decide on what platform would best meet these needs?

How to pick a platform for a state-wide rollout

During the webinar, Eric discusses how the NH Department of Education chose Awato as their partner to meet the requirements of the Career Readiness Drive to 65 Act.

Watch the video above to see why Awato’s flexibible platform that can deliver customized career pathway plans specific to student zip codes was the main driver for the NH Department of Education in selecting a college and career readiness platform.

Interested in watching the full webinar? Click the link below.

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