Building Your Path

Give your students a personalized pathway to success.

Create individual career plans, connect students to local opportunities and share individual insights with teachers, staff and parents all in one platform.


Finding careers for students who need assistance the most

The application process for students seeking the traditional college path is consuming for counselors. For non-college-bound students, time and resources can be extremely limited. 

of students graduate do not graduate from high school


of those students who do graduate do not seek post-secondary education

The Awato process

The Awato process establishes a personal path for every student, regardless of their goals.

Assess your students

Help your students understand their career and academic interests

Give your students a path

Show students how they can get to their ideal careers. Make sure they understand Career and Technical Education programs, local opportunities and dual enrollment programs

Connect with communities

Give your students the opportunity to learn outside the classroom. Have students connect with relevant organizations for job shadows, internships and apprenticeships


Achieve their goals!

Make sure all of your students are set up for success upon graduation. With a pathway for each student, every student will be ready to succeed


What your students need, simplified

Adaptive Career Assessments

Adaptive Career Assessments

Fun assessments that learn from students’ inputs engage students and provide more accurate results

Career and Education Matching

Career and Education Matching

Match your students with their ideal careers and education steps they need to get there

Career Pathing

Career Pathing

Customizable career paths that show how students can stack education and experience to reach their goals

Local Content Mapping

Local Content Mapping

Demonstrate how your offerings and those of your community fit into the larger picture with Awato mapping

Resume Builder

Resume Builder

Enable your students to manage and build their own resumes and easily provide feedback

Student Portfolio

Student Portfolio

Enable your students to save their work, reflect on it and showcase it in one digital location

Work Based Learning

Work Based Learning

Connect students to employers and manage the entire relationship in one place

Improve your school and community

Scale your Guidance Team

Individual career assessments and plans built to engage students. Easily provide the individual guidance they are craving

  • Career and Academic Guidance: Help your students understand what careers are right for them and the best way to get there.
  • Skill Development: Showcase the skills your students are earning and what they could concentrate on for their next step.
  • College Guidance: Help your students understand what colleges are right for them and what they’ll need to apply.

Easily Engage Employers

Manage apprenticeships, internships and work shadows in one place. Give employers one easy login. Make the whole process hassle free for everyone.

  • Work Based Learning: Give your students the opportunity to learn everywhere. Collaborate on educational outcomes, track hours and create unforgettable opportunities.
  • Internships and Apprenticeships: Enable your students to find internships and apprenticeships and apply in one platform. Monitor their status and track their time.
  • Connect with Employers: Show local employers how they can collaborate with you and your students. Give employers the ability to offer job shadows, tours, apprenticeships and internships.

Engage your Community

  • Community Engagement: Connect your students to local opportunities. Show the impact they can have learning in their communities
  • Showcase Local Partners: Demonstrate where your students can go to serve, work and learn in your community.
  • Your Community, Up Front: Give your community members the ability to share their insights and ideas with you and your students. With one easy login, community members can showcase their opportunities and connect with faculty.

Give your students clear career pathways

Reach every student with an individual pathway to their career goal