Building Your Path

Discover your best pathway forward

Explore your interests, goals, and current skills to determine your ideal career pathway


Not sure what's next? You're not alone

Thousands of people just like you experience career and education confusion.

of people aren’t sure of their education path

of people aren’t working in their field of study

of people aren’t satisfied with their careers

Awato answers the questions you may have

Determine what pathway will work best for you. Get a personalized plan based on your interests, goals and skills

Get unstuck. Build a personal career plan that works for you. We’ll take into account your goals, experience and skills

College is a huge investment. Take the time to consider all the options with your child. Find them their best pathway

Take the first step towards career fulfillment

Confused about college? Find the pathway that makes the most sense for your career and your wallet.


Explore all of your different career and education options in one place. Compare different options side by side.

Set your path

Identify the path that will be best for you. Feel secure that your path will meet your goals.


Achieve your goals!

Connect with local education and career opportunities to guide you on your path. Get started and achieve your goals.

Everything you need to find your path

Adaptive Career Assessments

Adaptive Career Assessments

Fun and engaging assessments that learn from your input and provide more accurate results

Career & Education Matching

Career & Education Matching

Get matched with your ideal careers and education preferences based on your assessment results

Career Pathing

Career Pathing

Customizable career paths that show how you can stack education and experience to reach your goals

Resume Writing

Resume Writing

Create and manage your own resume with the assistance from Awato's Resume Builder

Student Portfolio

Student Portfolio

Save your academic work, reflect on it, and showcase it in one digital location

Work-based Learning

Work-based Learning

Connect students to employers and manage the entire relationship in one place

Feel secure in your path

Ensure that you know how you can progress in your career. Take the first step to designing a better life today.