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How Awato Mapped Every CTE Program and Credential in NH

In our previous blog post, Meeting the Needs of the Drive to 65 Act with the NH DOE, Eric. Frauwirth discusses how the NH DOE selected Awato to meet the needs of the Drive to 65 act.

[Watch the full webinar]

The second part of the series focuses on how Awato responded to the requirements of the Drive to 65 Act by standardizing and mapping every CTE program and credential pathway in NH.

Watch the video above to see how Awato put a strategy together to:

  • identify how programs in the state relate to one another;
  • locate existing resources that define and aline programs in the state; and
  • build an accessible database that could visually map the relationships between programs and credentials

Interested in watching the full webinar? Click the link below.

How to map every credential in NH webinar

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