Building all the paths...

Give all your students a pathway to success

One platform to demonstrate the value of your programs to prospective students and provide academic and career guidance to enrolled students.

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of prospective students are unsure of their education and career plan directions

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of prospective students are more likely to enroll at universities using Awato

Want to engage more prospective students? We can help:


Inspire more prospective students

Create rich experiences for prospective students around your programs and pathways

Provide individual academic and career plans

Ensure each student has a clear career goal tied to their academic plan

Ensure every student has an individual career plan

Get your students engaged with your office with engaging career plans

Pathways made for every student

Demonstrate your unique value

Showcase your pathways to prospective students and parents

Assess your students' interests and goals

Make sure your students are aligned with the education they are enrolled in. Better understand trends within your enrolled population

Give your students the academic and career guidance they need

Ensure each student has an individual career and degree plan based on your credentials

Connect students to the resources they need

Get your students aligned to the correct mentors, counselors and resources they need to be successful


Set your students on their path

Help your student graduate with confidence and get their dream jobs


All you need from Inquiry to Graduation

College Inquiry and Interactive Content

College Inquiry and Interactive Content

Engage your stealth web users and capture their data by creating unique career experiences on your website

Adaptive Career Assessments

Adaptive Career Assessments

Fun assessments that learn from students’ inputs engage students and provide more accurate results

Career and Education Matching

Career and Education Matching

Match your students with their ideal careers and education steps they need to get there

Career Pathing

Career Pathing

Customizable career paths that show how students can stack education and experience to reach their goals

Local Content Mapping

Local Content Mapping

Demonstrate how your offerings and those of your community fit into the larger picture with Awato mapping

Academic Advising

Academic Advising

Help students understand what majors and courses are best for them easily

Resume Builder and Management

Resume Builder and Management

Enable your students to manage and build their own resumes and easily provide feedback

Reports and Analytics

Reports and Analytics

Better understand where your students and prospective students want to go by getting reports on their career goals

Admissions: Recruit the right students

Create deeper connections with web visitors and inquiries by showing them how your school will help them achieve their goals

  • Increase Yield: Give your students the extra incentive to enroll by personalizing a pathway for them. Gather the reasons they’re looking for school and customize your cadence around their goals.
  • High School Recruitment: Give your local high schools a complete tool to help them with their college and career planning. Easily identify and connect students who fit your campus.
  • Qualify your bulk leads : Engage cold list leads by showing them what your college has to offer. Identify which leads would be a good fit and connect with them.

Student Success: Create successful pathways

Boost your retention by ensuring each student is in the best program for them. Help them stay motivated through the process by showing your students how they’ll achieve their goals.

  • Academic Guidance: Increase first year retention by getting all of your freshman into the right academic programs.
  • Career Pathways: Show your students the pathway to their career goals to keep them motivated through till graduation.

Career Advising: Increase engagement and career readiness

Ensure all your students have a pathway to success. Provide the guidance they’re looking for and get them into your office.

  • Freshman Engagement: Engage freshman with the personalized academic and career guidance they’re looking for.
  • Career Exploration: Enable students to explore over 800 careers and thousands of pathways.
  • Gather Data on your Classes: Better understand what career pathways your students are thinking about. Learn what your students are hoping to do and what pathways they plan to take to get there.

Reach more students today

Engage your students in their academics and careers by providing them a clear pathway