Building Your Path

Empowering Students through Goal Ownership

How Ownership Translates into Empowering Students Arguably, the hardest part of university admissions is connecting with students, and helping them to see how they “fit” at a given institution. Counselors want potential students to view the campus as their home, see faculty members as their mentors, and proudly display the school’s emblem on their car’s

Why Career Exploration is Vital for a Successful First-Year Experience

At the 37th annual First Year Experience Conference, I gave a presentation on why career exploration is vital for a successful first-year experience. Generally, the first-year experience concentrates on getting students transitioned into the new academic setting. Recently, there have been bigger initiatives to include career exploration in the first-year experience. Knowing this, I was

3 Strategies for Boosting Student Retention

More than 70% of US students will study at a 4-year degree college. However, student retention data shows us that less than 2/3 will graduate with a degree. One of the biggest determining factors in why a student drops out may surprise you: Back in 2008, economic hardships were the most obvious answer. In 2018,