Building Your Path

How Awato Mapped Every CTE Program and Credential in NH

Awato CEO, Matt Guruge, discusses how the team at Awato mapped every CTE program and credential in NH to meet the needs of local legislation.

How Do Non-college-bound Students Get Credentialed?

We’ve said it before, but we think it is worth reiterating that students have more post-secondary options than ever. Credentialing students can take place at a traditional 4-year college or community college, an apprenticeship, the military, a coding bootcamp, or in the workforce. Most credentialed students go through a 4-year college. According to The National

Building a Middle-Skill Pipeline with CTE and WBL Students

Middle-skill jobs being created each year currently outpaces the number of qualified adults that can fill them, according to the United States Department of Education.  These middle-skill jobs are ones that require more than a high school diploma, but less than a bachelor’s degree. The demand for employees with middle-skills is high and not going

How to Remove Career and Technical Education Stigma

Career and technical education stigma continue to persist despite the success of those who participate. Why?

4 Reasons Why Career Assessments Need to do More Than Just Match Students to Colleges and Careers

Career assessments have not changed much in 100 years. We've listed 4 reasons why they need to do more than match students to colleges and careers.

3 Problems Facing CTE and How Pathfinding Can Solve Them

CTE is broadly available, it yields higher salaries, and students can earn college credit. So why aren't more students participating?