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3 Benefits of Dual Enrollment for Institutions of Higher Education

The benefits that students get from dual enrollment programs are clear. Students that dually enroll in traditional or differentiated options are more likely to graduate from high school, enroll in college, and have greater post-secondary success.  Dual enrollment participation can put students on a path to improve their time to complete a certificate program, improve bachelor’s degree

How to Create and Use Personas in Higher Education Recruitment

Higher education recruitment and admissions professionals are fighting for the attention of new students. Students have more options than ever. They can choose to get their post-secondary education from traditional 4- year institutions, community colleges, boot camps, for-profit colleges, and new options like Google’s Career Certificates. These students will ultimately choose the option that is

How to Improve Community College Enrollment with Robust Career Assessments

COVID-19 has forced administrators to rethink how to improve community college enrollment during a time when enrollment is usually high.

Career Pathways for Community College Counselors

At just about every community college campus we go to, we hear that their big focus is career pathways. It’s not surprising: a career pathway is an integrated academic and career skills plan that leads students to in-demand, well-paid careers. At their core, community colleges are exactly positioned to develop and deploy career pathways because