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High Counselor Strain and its 3 Negative Results

High counselor strain affects the day-to-day of students’ lives, but it also affects education on a grander scale. See what we've identified.

Why a Personalized Learning Plan is Becoming More Important and More Difficult to Keep Relevant

A personalized learning plan (PLP) is a goal-setting tool that students build themselves with the help of teachers, counselors, parents, and mentors. The challenge facing most districts is that the importance of PLPs is increasing while creating actionable and relevant PLPs is becoming more difficult.  Why a personalized learning plan is becoming more important Students

COVID-19: Keeping Post-secondary Goals Top-of-Mind in K-12

COVID-19 has students in an environment where post-secondary goals may fall by the wayside. We've put together several ways to ensure that doesn't happen.

Awato Partnership with New Hampshire Learning Initiative to Provide Career Pathways Professional Development

In May, the NH Department of Education announced that it purchased Awato for all middle and high school students in the state. The late spring announcement left Awato only four months to notify all the schools and prepare them to implement.  One of the most challenging aspects of software implementation is getting administrators, teachers and

4 Reasons Why Career Assessments Need to do More Than Just Match Students to Colleges and Careers

Career assessments have not changed much in 100 years. We've listed 4 reasons why they need to do more than match students to colleges and careers.

How Personalized Pathfinding can Improve Student Achievement

Students are faced with more choices than ever. Their attention is constantly pulled in multiple directions; tending to their day-to-day course work, juggling extracurricular activities, and planning for life after high school.  With their attention split, even the most engaged student on a conventional pathway can miss opportunities that are best for their academic and

Interpreting Assessment Results in Awato

An assessment needs to be accurately interpreted to be effective. A Career Assessment cannot be 100% predictive, so understanding why a recommendation is made is vital to their success. Students need to be able to have conversations with their counselors to talk through their ideas and be reassured about their intuitions. At Awato, we pride

Tackling the 4 Obstacles to Scaling Career Services

“Career-readiness” is more than a buzzword these days, it’s a true indicator of what is expected of today’s colleges. In a survey conducted by The Career Leadership Collective, a number of participants were asked to identify why scaling career services is so important to the lifeblood of an institution. While a number of reasons were

Why Resume Keywords Matter

When you’re working on your resume in Awato, you’ll notice we have a keyword analyzer, but you might not realize why making sure you use certain keywords could help you get your dream jobs. Here’s why: 1. Most Large Companies use Applicant Tracking Systems 90% of large companies likely use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

Career Assessment Should be Fun (Not Boring)

Career Assessments have the opportunity to provide students with invaluable guidance, bolster their relationship with counselors and prompt action. Yet, too often none of these outcomes are spurred by career assessment because people aren’t engaged when they’re taking them. For students to appreciate and act on the guidance of a career assessment, they need to