Building Your Path

Using Customer Feedback to Build a Complete College and Career Readiness Platform

Watch Matt Guruge and Matt McQuillen discuss how customer feedback led to the partnership between Awato and Xello

5 Steps to Getting Students Excited About Career Services

For college students, it’s hard to get excited about career services. They’re inundated with classwork, part-time jobs, and their social lives. Taking the time to consider their futures is not always their first priority. Moreover, the thought of life after college can bring on anxiety for students. It’s scary to have to think about what

A Career Counselor’s Guide to Career Assessment

Career assessments are used to help educate students about themselves and their career opportunities. These assessments are one of the most fundamental tools to career guidance. During career exploration, the right career assessment can play a critical role in moving students from a state of unawareness and confusion into their next opportunity. A good career

How Do Non-college-bound Students Get Credentialed?

We’ve said it before, but we think it is worth reiterating that students have more post-secondary options than ever. Credentialing students can take place at a traditional 4-year college or community college, an apprenticeship, the military, a coding bootcamp, or in the workforce. Most credentialed students go through a 4-year college. According to The National

Building a Middle-Skill Pipeline with CTE and WBL Students

Middle-skill jobs being created each year currently outpaces the number of qualified adults that can fill them, according to the United States Department of Education.  These middle-skill jobs are ones that require more than a high school diploma, but less than a bachelor’s degree. The demand for employees with middle-skills is high and not going

3 Benefits Work-based Learning for Non-college-bound Students

Work-based learning gives students a connection to what they are learning in the classroom to how it can be used in the real world. For students who are struggling to find a reason to graduate from high school, or are not college-bound, work-based learning can put students on a path toward graduation and a career. 

High Counselor Strain and its 3 Negative Results

High counselor strain affects the day-to-day of students’ lives, but it also affects education on a grander scale. See what we've identified.

Why a Personalized Learning Plan is Becoming More Important and More Difficult to Keep Relevant

A personalized learning plan (PLP) is a goal-setting tool that students build themselves with the help of teachers, counselors, parents, and mentors. The challenge facing most districts is that the importance of PLPs is increasing while creating actionable and relevant PLPs is becoming more difficult.  Why a personalized learning plan is becoming more important Students

COVID-19: Keeping Post-secondary Goals Top-of-Mind in K-12

COVID-19 has students in an environment where post-secondary goals may fall by the wayside. We've put together several ways to ensure that doesn't happen.

Awato Partners with NHLI to Provide NH Educators Professional Development

In May, the NH Department of Education announced that it purchased Awato for all middle and high school students in the state. The late spring announcement left Awato only four months to notify all the schools and prepare them to implement.  One of the most challenging aspects of software implementation is getting administrators, teachers and